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胜球,命名源自人们对光明与美好的向往和追求,取其精神而命之。胜球集团是一家集灯饰照明、房地产、酒店等产业为一体的国内知名集团公司。目前集团旗下有广东省中山市胜球 灯饰有限公司及其19个分子公司,大型房地产 “胜球阳光花园”。

泛亚电竞 泛亚电竞 始创公司,成立于1992年5月,坐落在“中国灯饰之都”古镇镇。公司致力于民用、工程灯、商业照明灯饰产品的研发,生产和销售。20年来,经过全体胜球人的共同努力,公司现以发展成为大型灯饰照明企业,拥有在职员工3000余名,10万余平方米的现代化大型工业园, 25000平方米的营业展厅。公司拥有独立的研发和营销团队,先后推出伊莎美尔、胜球•senqiu﹑胜球•unique三大国内知名品牌;并荣获“广东省高新技术企业”“中国政府优质产品”,“轻工业出口许可产品”、“广东省著名商标品牌产品”等荣誉称号。公司拥有19家分厂,分别致力于水晶灯系列、吊灯、吸顶灯、壁灯、客房灯、民用台灯、落地灯、厨卫灯、现代灯、节能灯、灯饰配件、包装等产品的研发与生产。产品先后通过了 ISO9001 ,CCC , CE , UL , SASO 等认证,销售网络覆盖全国,远销欧美、中东、东南亚、澳大利亚、俄罗斯、日韩等一百多个国家和地区。作为国内外知名品牌,胜球在服务上推行产品售前、售中、售后的五星级服务标准,着力为加盟商打造一流的服务团队、为终端消费者提供全程解决服务方案,让所有客户都能感受到胜球产品品质服务、承诺和保证。



泛亚电竞 The name”Senqiu”originated from people’s pursuit of greatness and brightness, and we choose the spirit to name our company. Senqiu Lighting Group is a well known domestic corporation involved in ventured such as lighting, real estate, hotels etc. At the present,there are 19 subsidiaries, and large real estate entity “Senqiu Sun Garden” under Senqiu Lighting Group.

Zhongshan Senqiu Lighting Co., Ltd was established on May,1992 located in Guzhen known as “The capital of lighting in China”. The company specializes in the research, design and sale of residential, engineering and commercial lighting products. With efforts of our staff in the last 20 years, our company has become a large lighting enterprise who has more than 3000 staffs, 100,000 square meter of large modernized industrial park and 25,000 square meter showroom. We have independent research and marketing team, and we has launched Yishameier, Senqiu•Senqiu, Senqiu•Unique three famous domestic brand successively. Meanwhile, our company won the honorary titles of “Guangdong Province High Technology Enterprise” “The Chinese government quality products” “Light industry export permit products” “Guangdong Province famous brand products”etc. Our company has 19 subsidiaries who specialize in research and produce like crystal lamp series, chandeliers, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, guest room lamps; table lamps ,floor lamps, kitchen lamps for residential use; modern lightings, energy saving lamps; accessories for lamp and package etc. Our products successively passed certifications like ISO9001, CCC, CE, UL, SASO etc. Our goods sold to more than 100 countries in the world such as Europe, America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Australia, Russia, Japan and South Korea, and our domestic sales network covers whole nation. As the famous domestic brand, we carry out five star standard for service before sale, selling service and after-sale service .We put efforts to build a first class service team for our franchisee, and provide the whole solution service for the final customer, to make sure that all the customer feel the product quality service , commitment and guarantee from us.

泛亚电竞 National leaders from different levels have been to Senqiu several times for inspect work, such as The Ex-National Defense Minister Chi haotian Admiral, The National CPPCC Vice Chairman Ye Xuanping, Guangdong Province Governor Lu Ruihua, and have given vey high comments and encourage to us. After inspection of the work The Light Industry Bureau Director Zhuxi left with the praising words “Guzhen lighting, Conquer the world” to encourage Senqiu Lighting Group to build the top international brand in lighting business.

泛亚电竞 Senqiu keeps glowing and became a group company on May, 2007 under all different situations, and it is continue to learn, to improve and to consummate with humble attitude. Senqiu Group adheres to the spirit and conception of integrity, unity, innovation and practical to build people first conception social responsibility system, to give great impetus to enterprise culture and welfare development. Look forward to the future, Senqiu will take the living development needs as own duty constantly to provide a taste, warm and comfortable living environment for consumers. Senqiu will make uncompromising efforts to build an international brand leader!